Designs. Inspirations. Innovations.

Finding a good way to create a page on website could be a tricky business. Specially when you’re displaying designs, innovations and all sort of stuff that might related to it. You got to have a dynamic themes and modern way to attract the readers so they are willing to read and  explore what you have displayed on your page. Just like how I like to stay on Trend Insights’s page and explore what they have in their page, it turns out they have amazing things in their blog.

Unlike most blogs, Trend Insight offers us several ways to view their posts. That features of course helps us so we could choose our preference and stay to read. There are 7 options or ways to view their posts, there are classic, flipcard, magazine, mosaic, sidebar, snapshot and timeslide, but by far my favorite is the flipcard, because the posts are arranged in small icons, so we could see most of the posts and easily choose which one we want to see. They’ll enlarge and showed us more information about the post that we choose from the icons.


Trend Insights not only provide us ways to see their posts differently, but we also could see the posts based on the categorization, such as recent, date, label, and author, so it’s pretty easy to read according to your interest.

Not only easy to read, the content of this blog is also very informative. Just like it’s tagline, “designs. inspirations. innovations”, this blog shows many things that are related to designs and innovations, giving the readers an inspirations to develop their creativity. Their posts also includes source and links of pages from where they got their information, giving us convenience if we want to do a further research. Trend Insights has made a good example for those who wants to create a good blog page that are related to designs and innovations, showing a simplicity at it’s finest.


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