Hot or Not.

JWT is the world’s best-known marketing communication brand. Their site, JWT Intelligence, provides lots of information about marketing products based on their strategies. There are some posts that show an interview to some successful people asking them about they products, how it works and how they sell it to the market so people interested. Not only interviews, they also shows couple market researches so the readers would know what the market are interest in or what kind of market their products would be good at selling in, etc.


What I wanted to review the most are the trend reports section they got here. It got some articles of what’s happening at the moment and all sort of stuff that are going at the moment that might interest most people. This, of course helps for those who are doing some market research and maybe looking for some ways to sell their products and also make a strategies to sell. It also helps us to keep up with what’s going on, on what’s hot and what’s not.

The contain of this site is not only for those who are trying to sell their products and do some business and make their business big, but also for people who are simply want to see what is trending right now or just want to read for the sake of increasing their knowledge. The readers could download the article by simply register their email address and they’ll be offered whether or not they want o received a newsletter from JWT. This is a pretty good site to see and keeping up with what’s trending so we could be updated with whatever we’re doing.


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