Resume #2 on Business News Daily

This site is very attracting to see. From this page, you can learn to predict about the trend from the businessmen point of view. It says that “Business News Daily is a new and comprehensive resource for people planning to start a business or who are in the startup process, plus time-strapped small business owners and their staffs – all looking for concise information and insight on topics ranging from what forms they must fill out and how to get a startup loan to technological solutions for the office to management tips.”. It also provides a shortcut to article about how to start up a business, financing and marketing, etc. This site is perfect for people to learn about business trend in 2012.

For example, there is a quote from Neil Rosen from eWay Direct that said “The focus of marketers in 2012, as involves social media, is going to be on understanding chatter (those billions of data points being created by people every day as they interact online, with each other and with a multitude of websites and social networks), and understanding how chatter can be used to improve customer relationships and drive sales.”.  Some people may share anything that has something to do with starting a business in this site. For another example, there is a representative from Optimal Networks (Heinan Landa) that said that the next business trend that would have great potential in 2012 would be strategic technology consulting. She said that “Strategic technology consulting will be an innovative service offering that gains traction in 2012. As more and more organizations start grappling with cloud computing models, technology scatter, virtualization, managing remote workers and branch offices, etc., the necessity for a company to come in and assess the current network environment and make recommendations for technological improvements that can provide significant business advantages will become apparent.”


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