Top Rank’s blog provides tips and articles on how to increase your sales and develop customer engagement. It found by Lee Oden and Susan Misukanis. They specialized in content based on customer acquisition and relationship that are related to marketing and social media marketing and they have been hire by companies for consulting, training and implementation services.


This site contains many things on how you put your products on the market and compete with your competition. It also shows you examples from companies and people who have been succeed and become big, so their ways on becoming success is not something to be doubt for. They categorized their article based on the things you need the most so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for, they also categorized their post based on the month the posted.

Their tips and articles are really helpful for those who want or just started a business. They could increase their sell based on the strategy that has been used by big companies and successful people. Some of their articles may interest me on starting a business and try one of their tips just to see how it works ;).


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