Trendstop is an online fashion and trends forecasting agency. Their site sure shows some expert fashion sense seen from the home page’s pictures. It was found by Central St Martins fashion graduate, Jaana Jaytri in 2002. It has 150 trendspotters stationed around the globe watching the markets and runways and also has worked with to retailers, brands, and manufacturers to tell them what customers will be buying for next season.


It’s a simple site, they don’t offer a lot of features in it. But their features are already everything you need to know about fashion. By simply joining and create an account on Trendstop, you could get trend reports, trendstop live that presents the latest trend and lifestyle, the trendstop mobile apps, and trend consultancy that could help those who are interested in doing fashion business.

This site is great for those who are trying to keep up with the latest fashion. It has expertise in fashion and updated news about it, great for young entrepreneurs who are trying to do a business in the fashion area. It also helps you to develop ideas and be creative in the fashion area.


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