Resume on Event #1 : Brightspot Market 2013

On this , I attend the famous Jakarta’s Event that is being held every year; Brightspot Market 2013. This event was taking place in Grand Indonesia Shopping Town Mall, Jakarta on 14-17 Febuary 2013. Brightspot Market is a four day contemporary market where local brands and international brands show off their collections. The people that are attending this event also expecting to see some of the best local Indonesian brands as well as brands form the region to be showcasing their products there. This event is also targeted most of young people that lived in Jakarta and other cities near them.

This year, Brightspot Market offers a lot of great local brands. Most of them are unique, stylish, up-to-date, and with affordable prices. No wonder there are hundred of people that are coming to enjoy and shop in this event. The products that were offered were not only clothes, but also accessories, bags, shoes, books, headphones, watches, etc. They also have a food and beverages area for people who are willing to sit and maybe meet their friends. I personally didn’t buy anything in that event although the products are very cool and interesting. However, their cashier system is also very good. The provide the card system so that the customers can pay with their debit or credit cards. The designs in this event is also very interesting. It looks young, fresh, and colorful so that people would love to come and enjoy the event.


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