Resume on Event #2 : Indonesia Fashion Week 2013

Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 was held in Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta on 14-17 February 2013. It was the second exhibition. The first Indonesia Fashion Week was held on 23-26 February 2012 at Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta. This event is one of the biggest fashion event so far in Jakarta. Indonesia Fashion Week is also the first fashion event which combines fashion shows and trade show. This event is not only showing off the famous designers with their own fashion shows but also providing a marvelous yet elegant  fashion exhibition. All of the tenants is from local brands. This event is made to increase the value of local fashion industry.

I came on this event on the second day of the exhibition. I didn’t see the fashion show actually but I heard that it was great. Most of the clothes that were showed off is Batik. Which is one the traditional cloth originally from Indonesia. All of the Batiks were modified into a beautiful dresses and clothes both for men and women. From what I see, through this event, Indonesian can really see how great and talented our local designers are and also can increase the value of local brands and markets.


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